I am not afraid to say it and I don't care who you tell... here it goes......... I love to knit. Call me a granny if you like but for me there is something amazing about being able to make something beautiful and/or useful from what is essentially two sticks and a piece of string.  And it looks like a lot of other people are starting to feel this way too.  Over the last couple of years  knitting has become, dare I say it.... cool. (more…)[more]
Hot Cross Buns
To most people Easter means chocolate.  To me it means I can finally make hot cross buns again (I have to admit, it is also quite a bit about the chocolate too). I love hot cross buns.  Let me rephrase, I love hot, delicious, fresh, homemade hot cross buns, not the over priced, insipid, highly [more]
Flavoured salts
I don't know if this is old hat for you and I don't know why I haven't been on to this before but -  flavoured salts! Sprinkle them on grilled meat or fish, roasted vegetables, eggs, avocados, popcorn and sliced tomatoes.  You can use them in soups or stews to give that extra kick, or [more]
IPCC report – climate impacts
For those of us who follow the story of climate change, the report released today by the IPCC was not really surprising.  It is pretty much as expected.  The effects of climate change are already occurring across every continent and every ocean, with negative impacts being felt in many places already.  As a society, we [more]
yuck… cockroaches
One of the most objectionable household pests has got to be the cockroach. They eat our food.  They contaminate household surfaces with saliva and excrement. Their little feet track germs and diseases wherever they walk.  They emit an unpleasant odour and often make irritating noises.   To top it off, they look incredibly creepy.  Just thinking [more]